Suman Sheoran

President of Harsh Bhaskar PG College

From Pen of President,

Dear the students, educational institutions un-powered model of the ideal college this sacred temple of Mother Saraswati, all the students interested in entering college in the 2016-17 season is warm and welcoming family . Human life is precious funds, education is society's mirror . The purpose of education is to achieve the goals of human life, the highest . Education refers to the all-round development of human bookish . Today, the country and the future needs of society, the best teenage . So man your whole personal development is needed for the good direction . This institution can provide you all-round development in the right direction, it will make every effort . Sign in to get a college degree is not meant to set the framework, but a human life is an expression of the best candidate . Life in the appropriate direction to achieve success and hard work is required . Thank You.


Vinod Kumar Bhaskar

Secretary of Harsh Bhaskar PG College

From the pen of Secretary,

The word impossible is not in the person's life . Student life period is the golden age . The college's students are more disciplined and hardworking in their society is becoming much more brilliant image . Teachers the infinite mercy and blessing of the mental and intellectual development of pupils is of immense help . The college found the correct guidance and your all-round development, it will be our endeavor . We hope this is it for you to become disciplined you stay in college so that we can achieve our goals and objectives . You wishes for the success of the future life with education and employment to dedicated Institute . Thank You